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Genre Death
Year formed 2006
Home Town Brussels
Country Belgium

Dehuman was founded in 2006 by 4 teenage devotees of Florida death metal but the definitive line-up was only finalised in 2010 with the arrival of drummer Laye.Since then the band has been making a name for itself through regular concerts alonside well-established groups (Agathocles, Prostitute Disfigurment, Severe Torture, Leng Tch'e,Cattle Decapitation, Blood red Throne, Arkangel, Hangman's Chair etc.) and especially through the release of their first album "Black Throne of All Creation" out on LP and CD.This sensational début album, recorded in Blackout studio (Enthroned, Corpus Christi, Emptiness..) in February and March 2011, pushes back the sonic boundaries and takes no prisoners. Black Throne of All Creation confirms Dehuman as one of the rising stars of European death metal and recalls the golden age of death metal with its musical references to Death, Carcass, Adamo and others. Building on the foundations of old school metal Dehuman creates its own sound and technique in a way which is reminiscent of Decapitated or Origin. Dehuman is on the death metal scene for good and Black Throne of All Creation is the testimony. .

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31/12/2016 London Sadistic Intent
03/10/2015 London Jig-Ai
07/04/2013 Birmingham Master
06/04/2013 London Master