Band Details

Ale Shores

Genre Thrash/Speed
Year formed 2012
Home Town Edinburgh
Country Scotland

Ale Shores are an exciting new metal band pushing the boundaries of modern thrash. The music comprises of a solid core of thrash metal injected with new life by incorporating elements from many other metal sub-genres and also parts from a vast array of music types outside of metal. The lyrical content comprises mainly of a harsh critic of today's society, showing frustration towards social inequality, corruption and the morbid pop culture of today. Voicing this opinion however is not necessarily the main concern, as Ale Shores are no strangers to a party and know how to put on one hell of a show! Their first release (a 3 track demo EP, supported by Creative Scotland’s CashBack for Creativity Programme) has already made a strong impression upon music lovers both locally and around the globe. Not satisfied with the acclaim they have already procured, Ale Shores shows no sign of slowing their progression and are continuing to write more material in hopes of recording a full length album in the near future.

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