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Opium Lord

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner

Crushing miserable doom / sludge / black metal from Birmingham signed to seminal UK metal label Thirty Days Of Night Records. Featuring ex members of History of the Hawk and Stinky Wizzleteat, with added mothertrucker.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

09/07/2015 London Hessian
08/03/2015 London Weedeater
21/11/2014 Hastings FAT WIZARD PRESENTSOpium Lord
29/06/2014 Birmingham Primitive Man
28/06/2014 Edinburgh Primitive Man
27/06/2014 Nottingham Primitive Man
25/06/2014 London Primitive Man
24/06/2014 Brighton Primitive Man
18/05/2014 Birmingham Heretic Promotions PresentsMoss
09/05/2014 London Opium Lord
25/04/2014 London Cosmic Carnage Opium Lord
19/04/2014 Hereford Hereford Dead 2Opium Lord
06/10/2013 Birmingham Fearfest 2013 Day 3Conan
05/10/2013 London Conan
01/03/2013 Stoke on Trent Opium Lord