Band Details

Nihilism Incarnate

Genre Death
Year formed 2010
Home Town Preston
Country UK

'A physical embodiment of total and absolute destructiveness' Is an undeniably accurate description of Prestons 'Nihilism Incarnate'. Comprising of Paul Aldred 'drums', Paul Little 'bass', Graham 'pek' Clayton 'guitar', Dan Walden 'guitar' and vocalist Craig Forshaw, the band have set out to help re-establish British death metal at the top of the genre. Combining influences of Nile, Decrepit Birth and Mastodon to name a few, Nihilism Incarnate unleash an aural assault of progressive song structures, crushingly heavy riffs and socially aware lyrics. Nihilism Incarnate are set to carve an indelible mark on death metal....

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

06/11/2015 Bristol Irreverence
26/09/2015 Liverpool FASTIVALCorrupt Moral Altar
02/05/2015 Bristol Black Skies Burn
15/04/2015 Leeds Benighted
27/04/2014 Liverpool REGICIDE UK TourHour of Penance
05/12/2013 Preston Corrupt Moral Altar
25/09/2013 Liverpool Abysmal Torment
15/05/2013 Derby Exhumed