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Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Home Town Newcastle
Country UK

Some bastards out there are on the march to wrack and ruin by experimenting with every drug a cheap and nasty city like Newcastle upon Tyne has to offer. Others try and dampen the tedium of living in this ugly city by playing in a loud and nasty metal band. Druganaut are doing both. Formed at the bottom of an empty sealer bag like the phoenix rising from the ashes of an over flowing ashtray. Druganaut have scraped their dirty knees on new lows looking for new distractions from the increasingly idiotic cretins that dwell in the city that surrounds. These guys play the blues for anyone who likes their blues to be brown and burning in a tea spoon. Metal for folk who want their metal to crumble from the heat of a lighter into a joint. Druganaut are simply the best stoner rock that Newcastle has to offer so come catch them live before they all overdose and die.

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16/04/2013 Newcastle High Spirits