Band Details

The Infernal Sea

Genre Black
Home Town Peterborough
Country England

'The Infernal Sea' hail from within the meadows of the East of England. 

United from various musical factions 'The Infernal Sea' joined together to create epic musical passages of misanthropic tales. 

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Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

24/03/2018 London EVROPA UNLIGHTArkhon Infaustus
02/09/2017 Manchester Hecate Enthroned
29/10/2016 Bristol HALLOWEEN MASSACRE 2Necrosis
04/06/2016 Hastings Doomsday 2016Sea Bastard
27/01/2016 Bristol Abhorrent Decimation
08/10/2015 Bristol The Infernal Sea
21/05/2015 Newcastle upon Tyne Blind Spite
11/04/2015 Manchester Hecate Enthroned
17/01/2015 Cambridge Northern Oak
19/10/2014 London Disinterred
04/10/2014 Near Ulverston BLACKWOOD GATHERINGOld Corpse Road
27/07/2014 Birmingham The Infernal Sea
26/07/2014 London The Infernal Sea
25/07/2014 Manchester The Infernal Sea
24/07/2014 Liverpool The Infernal Sea