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Genre Alternative
Year formed 2003
Home Town London
Country UK

We’re PIGSHACKLE. We were born in early 2003. We started as an instrumental trio. In April 2005 we recorded an EP called EPIG. It has 4 songs. We released it in February 2007 on Genin Records. It took a while to put out because we were being quite lazy. We played some shows. We wrote some more songs and got better at playing our instruments. In February 2010 we recorded an album, and then our bass player left to go speak Japanese. We got a new bass player, and a saxophone player too. Our double album UNPLUG THE SUN was released in February 2012, and not long after that a girl came along to replace the new bass player, who left so that he could smooth his beard down for a while. 

Fuck you, Kiss Kiss, Oink etc.

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09/08/2013 London Astrohenge