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Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2009
Home Town Cheltenham
Country England

Edenfall are a Gothic Doom band from the heart of England's past, who emerged from the ashes in the autumn of 2009.

The idea of starting the band grew out of the relationship between the two founding members: Clare Webster (Lead Vocals) and Rob George (Guitar and Vocals) who were both drawn together by a passion for the darker aesthetics of life. Influenced by a range of weeping poets and tortured artists, Edenfall emit a truly melancholic sound which embodies all of the horror and the beauty within ourselves and the world around us.

After a couple of years of pondering the depths of misery, Edenfall released their debut album, 'Forever Fallen', in late 2011 which included songs such as 'An Omen of Sorrow', 'In Slumber' and 'Beauty'. Following this, Edenfall finally graced the stage in early 2013 with new members: Sean Brazil (Bass Guitar), Matt Ford (Guitar) and Laura Greatorex (Keyboard & Backing Vocals).

The band are currently working on new material for their next release and are looking forward to bringing more doom misery and tales of witchcraft to the UK!

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07/09/2013 Liverpool Hecate Enthroned