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Eryn Non Dae

Genre Death
Year formed 2001
Home Town Launaguet (Toulouse), Midi-Pyrénées
Country France

France’s Eryn Non Dae. gives the metal scene exactly what is needed – something unique, groundbreaking, and a new style of extreme to follow upon. Much like fellow homeland heroes Gojira and Hacride, Eryn Non Dae. pulls off a signature sound that can immediately be picked up by the metal critics. Eryn Non Dae’s ever evolving brand of extreme music makes for an open minded listen from start to finish. Their technicality not only stands out, but also goes towards metal’s advantage, expanding the genre.

ERYN NON DAE. delivers complex and brutal structures while at the same time adding doses of dark and apocalyptic moods, keeping you addicted. Their creativity, power, and aesthetics without a doubt will stun the metal genre.

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19/07/2013 Cardiff Eryn Non Dae