Band Details

Dark Heart

Genre Heavy
Year formed 1983
Home Town Northallerton
Country England

Northallerton's DARK HEART started life as Tokyo Rose, and after releasing a 7" they changed to the more original moniker of DARK HEART. In 1984 they released the absolutely fantastic "Shadows of the Night" 12" on Roadrunner Records. After a final 7" release in 1987, this great band unfortunately came to an end, but they are returning for a live show at Brofest 2 in 2014.

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02/03/2014 Newcastle Bro Fest UK 2 Day 3Sparta
01/03/2014 Newcastle Bro Fest UK 2 Day 2Sparta
28/02/2014 Newcastle Bro Fest UK 2 Day 1Sparta