Band Details

Slaughter Messiah

Genre Black
Year formed 2008
Home Town Hainaut
Country Belgium

Slaughter Messiah was born in the Winter of 2008. The Entity was originally formed by two Satan-worshippers: the brothers Rod "Iron Bitch Desecrator" (guitar) and Elliot “Sodomaniak” Spencer (drums, lyrics and vocals) who wanted to play in a black and thrash metal style.
At the dawn of 2011, Slaughter Messiah organizes a jam session with the almighty Lord Sabathan (Horacle, Morbid Death, ex-Enthroned, …) who joined the band as a bassist/vocalist. In June 2012 Slaughter Messiah introduced Thomas "Exhumator" (vocals/guitars from Spermafrost) as a second guitar player to complete the band.
Slaughter Messiah is gonna make your ears bleed, destroying your minds and reaping your souls!!!

Black, thrash, death.

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06/07/2013 Dublin Vomitor
05/07/2013 Limerick Vomitor