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Watch The Skies

Genre Heavy

Watch The Skies are a British metal band from south west England, formed from the remnants of Ultimate Trigger Mechanism, Mnemosine and Subluminal. Collectively performed with bands such as Architects, Devil sold it’s soul, cult of Luna, Earthtone9 and Napalm Death, so we’ve been around the block a bit over the past 13 years.

We would come up with some cool descriptive title like “Metal Doom Core” or “Post Nu Spaz Metal” but at the end of the day it’s just Metal. 8 string Guitars, 5 string Bass that’s a low as the latest joke on sickapedia, a shit load of drums and angry front man. It’s not rocket science it’s just heavyfuckingmetal.

Listen – Nod – Go home!!!!

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21/09/2013 Bath Baron Greenback
25/08/2013 Bath Baron Greenback