Band Details


Genre Grind/Noise/Powerviolence
Year formed 2010

Started in summer 2010 to create fast , groovy & short songs !!!! The band played at the "Loches en Grind Fest" (France), "Butchery at Christmas Time Fest" (Portugal) & did several shows in France. The band shared the stage with GROG, R.D.B., GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS, HAEMORRHAGE, PULMONARY FIBROSIS, FOETAL INJURY, CEREBRAL BORE & many more.

At the end of 2012, Satanath records (Russia) released two split cd with the first Embryo's recordings, Oscar from CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS did some vocals on two songs.

In 2013, it's the time to promote the last releases, a mini Spanish tour & Uk tour has been set with PULMONARY FIBROSIS as headline.