Band Details


Genre Metal
Year formed 2012
Home Town Norwich
Country England

Eridium have been gigging for 13 months and have already gained a large following throughout Norfolk. They have competed and won competitions including the Oakwood Battle of the Bands in Great Yarmouth and now the mighty 2013 East Anglia Metal 2 The Masses.

The band insists on not being sub genred. By removing the confines of a specified genre, they’re able to utilise a wider range of sounds andstyles. Their live shows are where they really shine, showcasing an immense amount of energy, tight playing, heavy riffing, and everything else you need to get crowds throwing down.

In light of the recent Randy Blythe trials, and the eventual innocent verdict, Eridium went about writing a song in tribute of his wrongful imprisonment. Each member of the band was affected in the same way as every other member of the metal community. A song was the best way for them to express how passionately they felt about the situation. The result was ‘Cell Hell’ 

Their main influences range from - Lamb of God, Machine Head, Sylosis, Threat Signal, Pantera, Throwdown, Cancer Bats and Dream Theater. The diverse range of influences is reflected in their overall and unique style.

Currently they are hard at work recording their debut EP entitled “Sic Parvis Magna” slated for a 2013 release.

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26/08/2013 Cambridge Eridium
17/08/2013 Great Yarmouth Eridium