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Attica's Ashes

Genre Rock
Home Town London
Country England

Attica’s Ashes are a band hailing from London, UK, who create a unique blend of rock, metal and punk - with a horror twist. The result is an aggressive yet infectious spooky sound, which will get your adrenaline pumping and your fist in the air.

The band’s story begins with guitarist Jonny Nonsense playing guitar at a live karaoke event in Brighton. So impressed was he with singer Brett Zero’s rendition of a classic Misfits song that he tracked him down afterwards, and suggested they start a new band.

Years later, their ambition was fully realised when they teamed up with bass player Joao Curro and drummer Esteban Benedicto in London. The quartet began writing songs in 2012, going on to record their first release ‘Flickers of Dawn’ while preparing an exhilarating live set.

The diverse influences of the band converge to create a style which is familiar, yet impossible to categorise. Muscular riffs are combined with energetic punk beats and heavy grooves, underpinning Brett Zero’s versatile vocals which switch from angelic melody to hardcore scream in an instant. The powerful, catchy songwriting is infused with a spooky edge that horror fans will love.

A unique sound, quality material and a captivating live performance make Attica’s Ashes a band not be missed in 2013!

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19/10/2013 London King Lizard