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Broken DC

Genre Post
Home Town London
Country England

Broken DC started life as most things do, over drinks in an East
London pub. Ivona Behalova and Kevin Williams had just played some
shows together with their respective bands Pettybone and Trieste and
got chatting about making some new sounds different to their current
outfits. Cut to a few months later and they began writing stuff busily
just as a 2 peice. When they knew they had enough good material they
realised the songs needed the presence of a drummer. Finding a
suitable sticksman proved hard until an old friend made himself known.
Ben Savigear (once of All About Eve) stepped up and slotted right in.
This trio have recorded 8 songs for future release and are looking to
play out as much as possible. Spanning a wide musical spectrum, from
Slint-esque instrumantals thru to full on garagey rockers by way of
Joy Divison, you can hear the musical history these 3 have.

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30/10/2013 London Downfall of Gaia