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Genre Alternative
Year formed 2010
Home Town Ghent
Country Belgium

RAKETKANON’‘s debut album, RKTKN#1, is a combination of sludge, experimental drift and chaotic psychedelica. Think Melvins meets Tomahawk by way of early Butthole Surfers — Down tuned guitars, deformed vocals and droney bass synths, coupled with an ear for great songs, make Raketkanon one of the most interesting bands in Europe today.

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21/03/2016 London Heck
20/03/2016 Southampton Heck
19/03/2016 Bath Heck
18/03/2016 Swansea Heck
17/03/2016 Cheltenham Heck
15/03/2016 Manchester Heck
14/03/2016 Glasgow Heck
13/03/2016 Newcastle Heck