Band Details

Aversions Crown

Genre Modern/Metalcore
Year formed 2010
Home Town Brisbane
Country Australia

AVERSIONS CROWN are a six-piece outfit from The Gold Coast/Brisbane, Australia. Since the bands inception in 2010, AVERSIONS CROWN have solidified a position as one of Australia’s most reputable up and coming heavy bands. Following the release of SERVITUDE in late 2011, the band has worked tirelessly, earning themselves a solid national fan base and some large scale international supports. Through the contrast of three eight-string guitars, guttural style vocals and a technical approach to rhythm, the band has showcased a unique style of intelligence and groove, not limited by the all too typical genre restraints. AVERSIONS CROWN have become a common name in the Australian heavy music community, and with the recent release of OVERSEER and looming album launch in late 2013, expect to hear a lot more about this band.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

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08/08/2017 Manchester Aversions Crown
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06/08/2017 Birmingham Aversions Crown
26/10/2016 London Nasty
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23/10/2016 Manchester Nasty
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06/02/2014 Southampton Thy Art Is Murder
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03/02/2014 Nottingham Thy Art Is Murder
02/02/2014 Sheffield Thy Art Is Murder
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31/01/2014 Glasgow Thy Art Is Murder
30/01/2014 Manchester Thy Art Is Murder
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