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Silhouette Of A Ghost

Genre Prog/Tech/Djent
Year formed 2009
Home Town London
Country England

Silhouette of a Ghost are a 4 piece melodic progressive hardcore band from the South East Of London.
With their powerful vocals, groovy and aggressive guitar riffs, pounding drum beats silhouette of a ghost produce a driving yet melodic sound.
when it comes live shows every band member gives it their all, with there catchy vocal lines and all round tight sound every person in the crowd goes home happy.
The band are currently recording there debut ep (call it karma) and will be available for download shortly! 
The band have shared the stage with the likes of
annotations of an autopsy
while she sleeps
carcer city
heart of a coward
hands like houses (aus)
hopes die last (ita)
the elijah
brotherhood of the lake
pay no respect
heart in hand
tides of virtue
against the flood
and not too mention many local and up and coming bands!!

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