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Genre Thrash/Speed
Year formed 2008
Home Town London
Country England

‘We are Juggern0rt. It is our purpose to be on a stage performing and delivering a show to remember. We are tired of being trapped by the walls of normality. We need to see the world, and the world needs to see us."

Juggern0rt was founded in 2008. After the demise of a former band, Joel Hogan and Andrew Hunter had a vision of making a hard-hitting heavy metal band injected with groove, power and technicality. Acquiring the services of Joe Heraghty and Tibbs Nugent, the journey began.

After several potential songs were formulated, the vocalist position was still empty. A long-time to a friend with no experience; James Taw stepped up to the challenge. A 5-piece machine was in the works, but the math was all wrong...

Weeks after the release of Juggern0rt’s ‘Full Metal Assault’, the band parted ways with second guitarist Tibbs. The band changed this negative into a positive. The music, the power, the band stepped up a level.....

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13/11/2013 London Morktar