Band Details


Genre Black
Year formed 2009
Home Town Birmingham / Tehran
Country UK / Iran

Trivax is a Chaotic Black/Death Metal band from the mountains of Iran and the shores of England coming to raise mayhem and leave ashes.

The band was originally formed in April 2009 in Tehran, Iran. The original founding member of Trivax is Shayan S who played with Trivax in Iran before moving to Birmingham, England in 2011 to carry on with the band there. However whilst in England, the band underwent a complete line up change.

Trivax represent themselves as one of the most evil and fucked up upcoming bands that have been seen for a while and in their own words, they would like to welcome all new fans of Trivax into the Trivax circle and hope that their music successfully hurts. 
Since the beginning and reborn with the newer line-up, Trivax are to become one of the most evil and chaotic extreme metal bands around the globe whether it's witnessed or not. 

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