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Genre Thrash/Speed
Home Town Falmouth
Country England

KaiDekA are a 5 piece Groove metal band from Cornwall

Hailing from Cornwall England have been working hard and touring the country non stop for the last 5 and a half years 
have played over 250 live shows and supported such big names as romeo must die, evile, ted maul, the defiled, Abgott and many more.

The band play a blended influence of old school thrash and nu metal groove, seriously punchy groove driven metal with a twist.

Releasing their debut album "false idols and pyrite thrones" independently and later a re-release through Rising records earned the band fantastic reviews from Kerrang, Terrorizer and countless ezines.

Now once again independent the band have released their follow up "A blissful image of a dystopian vision" 
Receiving great reviews in both big cheese magazine and kerrang the band are setting out to do what they do best. Hitting as many venues as they can and pushing themselves and their career as far is it can go.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

01/06/2014 Brighton Cambion
24/11/2013 Exeter Sworn Amongst
22/11/2013 Plymouth Sworn Amongst