Band Details

Hades Lab

Genre Death
Year formed 2007
Home Town Brighton
Country England

Sound pressure destruction is the order of the day!
Hades Lab formed in late 2007 the current line-up is: Hauron Kherty vocals, Murilo Rassi bass, guitar and vocals Jon Rushforth drums.
The band plays a savage blend of Black, Death n' Grind soon becoming notorious and playing with bands such as: Decapitated, Hate, Moonspell, Napalm Death, Behemoth, Dew Scented, Necrophagist, Misery Index, Origin, Anaal Nathkrakh, Hand Full Of Hate, Akercocke, Ted Maul, Dismember, Devilsh Impressions, Impaled, Hour of Penance, Defeated Sanity, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ingested, Blasphemer, Fleshrot, Cerebral Bore, Echovirus, Bloodshot Dawn, Dyscarnate, Infected Disarray, Diskreet, Cannabis Corpse, Anaal Nathraak, Soulfly, Malefice, Trigger the Bloodshed, See You Next Tuesday, Theoktony, Brainchocke, Aghast, Human Rejection, Amagortis and many thers! 
After a period of hiatus Hades Lab returns with two brand new songs: “The Harrowing” & “Inferno Uproar” with these two new songs the band displays a much more accomplished song writing direction taking the music much further than previously.
With the established line up the band will carry on the recording process until a new set is complete

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11/06/2017 London Exhumed
30/03/2014 London Ageless Oblivion