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Genre Thrash/Speed
Year formed 2012
Country England

From a sunny seaside town comes...VIPERA.

VIPERA (Formally WarHead) formed in the Summer of 2012 with the intentions of crossing the crushing styles of Pantera with the more classic thrash metal structure of Anthrax to enforce their own Power filled Thrash that began turning heads immediately.

Under the name WarHead, Vipera performed with some of the hottest upcoming bands from the UK including Cry Havoc, Cambion, Born of the Jackal and Cryostorm.

In 2013 Vipera signed a Management deal with Nazgul Agency who work with bands such as Swedish Metal band Gormathon, Animal Liberation Front band The Way of Purity and more! Working along side Nazgul Agency, Vipera aim to expand the reach of their gripping sound and hope to gain the support of the metal community worldwide.

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01/12/2013 Exeter Breed 77