Band Details

Electric Age

Genre Metal
Year formed 2011
Home Town São Paulo
Country Brazil

Electric Age was formed in August 2011, initially as a Deep Purple tribute band.
After taking part and winning some festivals in São Paulo, Brazil, the connection between the members and the highly skilled live performances flourished, the idea of composing self-penned material developed. The next step was composing and recording the band's first material, an EP entitled Good Times Are Coming, re...leased in June 2013.
Despite not following a concept, the EP puts forth in its tracks a very deep connection due to the influences of the great heavy metal and hard rock bands of the 1970's and 1980's with touches of jazz, blues and progressive rock in technical and original style.
As for the style of the compositions, the band prefers not to stick to any pre determination, bringing in elements from each member's influence, ranging widely between genres. Both in rehearsals and concerts, Electric Age has developed the habit of improvising, making each performance unique and transmits energy to the audience.
Electric Age is currently playing the EP all over Brazil while planning to release it's material outside the country and writing songs for their first album, still untittled.

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