Band Details


Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2010
Home Town Fleet
Country England

We are Wolfshead. We are a hard rock band from Fleet, Hampshire, UK. We like to smash hard rock and doom together to create a delightful noise we like to call Garage Doom - high energy, groove, and screaming fuzzed-up riffs melting together amidst a blaze of burning rage. Imagine the sound of The Hellacopters, Goatsnake, Red Fang, and High on Fire, piled up in a stolen muscle car with Dopesmoker blasting out of the stereo, being driven into a brick wall at 100 miles per hour: a sonic explosion of colossal magnitude. Listen to our EP ‘Wolfshead’ and tell us you agree. 

We formed in the Autumn of 2010 simply to jam hard rock tunes. Beer was consumed, wine was consumed, music was consumed: the resulting excretion is four tracks of Garage Doom so joyous we saw fit to grace them with the same name as our band. Because we’re imaginative like that.

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