Band Details

Red Rum

Genre Metal
Year formed 2011
Home Town Nottingham
Country United Kingdom

''From leaving the first port and arriving in the last, Red Rum takes you on a handsome journey of plunder and piracy. Whilst straying from an Alestormesque sound, the band have being able to weave their own sound – the kind that isn’t complete without a clap of thunder or a shot of Nelson’s folly.''


Nico Davidson - Valkyrian Music


''Its like captain pugwash meets anthrax!''

Andy Oakley - NCN


Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

23/09/2017 Manchester Lagerstein
28/10/2016 Manchester Viking FeastSkyforger
23/10/2016 Inverness Folk & Metal PartySkiltron
22/10/2016 Aberdeen Folk & Metal PartyRed Rum
21/10/2016 Edinburgh Folk & Metal PartySkiltron
20/10/2016 Glasgow Folk & Metal PartySkiltron
18/10/2016 Evesham Folk & Metal PartyRed Rum
28/07/2015 London Red Rum
26/10/2014 Cardiff Alestorm
25/10/2014 Leeds Alestorm
24/10/2014 London Alestorm
23/10/2014 Reading Alestorm
22/10/2014 Exeter Alestorm
21/10/2014 Manchester Alestorm
20/10/2014 Bristol Alestorm
19/10/2014 Glasgow Alestorm
18/10/2014 Aberdeen Alestorm
14/10/2014 Liverpool Alestorm