Band Details

Inferno Ortum

Genre Metal
Year formed 2010
Home Town Penarth
Country Wales

We are Inferno Ortum. We formed in 2010 with the idea of becoming a Lamb Of God tribute band and have since written a number of original songs which take our influences and combine them into one sound. It also takes us more into the idea behind our Latin based name, which means: Hell, it will Rise, in English.
We are currently crafting our sound and upcoming E.P. predominately taking influences from the new wave of Progressive Death Metal/Core bands currently brimming the horizon but opting for a more melodic sound and feel than the prog to breakdown patterns which are more evident in today's bands , in the hope to set ourselves apart with a more unique and rounded sound. We essentially write to the prescription of technical meets melodic, finding the middle ground and chucking in some very memorable head-banging riffs along the way. So watch this space Meatsacks!!! for our upcoming E.P. to be released sometime in early 2014

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24/05/2014 Cardiff Cancerous Womb
22/02/2014 Cardiff Desecration