Band Details


Genre Thrash/Speed
Year formed 2012
Home Town Essex
Country England

Craig - Lead Vocals / Bass
Chris - Guitar
Speller - Guitar
Mike  - Drums

A time of darkness.....

Hailing from the southeast of England and forged in the summer of 2012, Harbinger have finally been unleashed unto the world.

Fusing fast paced thrash and raw aggression with grinding groove, Harbinger bring a refreshing slab of adrenaline fueled rawness to the fore.
In a world where possessions have overtaken loyalty and big business has driven a true 'them and us' society, all this has clearly given Harbinger a mouthful of venom that they are spitting back directly at those who seek to control or keep us in 'our place'.

Comprising of ex-members from several hard hitting metal / hardcore/ thrash bands, Harbinger always leave an impact and like nothing more than bringing their tidal wave of metallic power to as many people as possible.
Due to release their debut demo this February, they are now poised to destroy 2014 and unite all who care to join them along this journey.

Keep and eye on the upcoming dates, downloadable tracks,  join the mailing list and be sure to catch up with them live.... you have been warned.

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26/08/2017 Glasgow Thronefest 1.5Martyr Defiled