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Disaster Area

Genre Rock
Home Town Glasgow
Country UK

Classically brewed Hard Rock from Glasgow, triple distilled with a blend of Heavy Metal and Glam Rock for a classic smooth taste.

John Gunn (Lead Vocals), Andrew Tanner (Lead Bass) and Ansgar Burke (Lead AND Rhythm Guitar) met through an ad in the Glasgow Uni Band society and discovered their mutual passion for Classic Rock. It was quickly decided to form a band combining the classic heaviness of Black Sabbath, the cock-rock attitude of WASP and the showmanship of Alice Cooper. The band soon found Pete Werninck (Lead Drums/Backing Vocals) who proved a perfect addition: a Glam loving beast! The band's first EP was released on February 23rd 2014, and we are currently working on all kinds of merch and the possibility of an full album release in the near future! Come on down to see our show and discover what the DA stands for!

With thanks to the very talented Toni Lynam (a former guitarist of ours) for the name - maybe you'll get some royalties one day for it! ;)

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