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Skeleton Gong

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Home Town Glasgow
Country UK

Skeleton Gong is a bong gonging, cyder abusing, wychfinding four-piece based in Glasgow, Scotland.
A mix of heavy sludge-doom with clean psychedelic intervals and a love for 70's rock, loud guitars, pounding drums, analogue synths and gongs.

Each of the four fires stood as the corners of a perfect square aligned precisely to the points of the compass. Within the square a circle had been drawn out in the dirt around the blood stained altar which held precedence over the scene. Upon the altar lay a young woman, motionless apart from the darting of her eyes. The fires flickered, mysteriously burning low as the crash of the ceremonial gong rang out and the creaking of bones heralded the entrance of the skeleton priest. Purveyors of fleshless fuzz music.

Loud, heavy, trippy & gonged!

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