Band Details

Endless Swarm

Genre Grind/Noise/Powerviolence
Home Town Edinburgh
Country UK

Powerviolence/Grind band from Edinburgh featuring members of Black Talon and Horrors That You've Seen. 9-track EP 'Mindkiller' out now.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

29/06/2014 Glasgow Full Of Hell
25/05/2014 Bristol Cancerous Womb
24/05/2014 Cardiff Cancerous Womb
23/05/2014 London Cancerous Womb
22/05/2014 Leeds Cancerous Womb
21/05/2014 Liverpool Cancerous Womb
20/05/2014 Preston Cancerous Womb
24/04/2014 London Cancerous Womb