Band Details

Cryptic Shift

Genre Metal
Year formed 2010
Home Town Leeds
Country UK

We are Crÿptic Shift, we are a 4 piece heavy metal band from Leeds, England.

Formed in late 2010 by Rob; quickly joined by Xander on guitar. After a number of line-ups and just playing for fun, we found Oli and Tino, then finally got gigging in 2013 playing with bands like Fizzler, Thirteen 16, Indifferent and Kill The Silence. 

Late 2013 Tino departed, succeded by Ryan. Since then we have been building a following playing with bands such as Tyrant, Hammerex and Bludger. 

Massively influenced by the mighty Pantera and Megadeth, we play a mix of thrash and groove metal with added jazz/funk elements, also inspired by the likes of Machine Head, Exhorder, Death, Atheist, Lamb Of God, Sepulltura, Death Angel etc. 

Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

10/11/2017 Hastings \'Waves\' In FullVulgate
18/09/2017 London Gatecreeper
28/08/2017 Leeds Suffocation
13/05/2017 Nottingham Forgotten Remains
17/06/2015 Newcastle upon Tyne Ruler
08/02/2015 Leeds Craving
10/05/2014 Leeds SoulscareShadows Of Violence