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Genre Prog/Tech/Djent
Year formed 2013
Home Town London
Country UK

Great rock and roll ain’t always pretty. It’s often an ugly, ornery, endorphin-soaked howl of blissful catharsis, as intoxicating as it is invigorating and life-affirming.

So it goes in the world of STONEGHOST, a decidedly unpretty riff machine from South London that is preparing to unleash the ten-track monster, New Age of Old Ways. With production guru Russ Russell behind the desk, it’s a hefty slab of modern metal, but conceived and delivered in the spirit of the traditional four-man rock combo, where honesty and authenticity triumph over frivolities and scene-prescribed gimmickry. Grimace-inducing heaviosity is imbued with a sense of purpose, euphoric groove riffs meet frenzied tempos and New Age of Old Ways, for such an overtly aggressive collection, repeatedly displays an uncommon level of musical awareness.

Having earned a wealth of gigging, writing and recording experience under the previous moniker of Snakebite (including appearances at Wacken, Bloodstock and Hammerfest) the members of STONEGHOST elected to refocus their efforts and begin a new chapter in 2013. This is the result: a leaner, meaner band that smashes the old and the new together like a mad scientist with an out-of-control particle accelerator. Be ready!

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