Band Details

Slaughter Throne

Genre Death
Year formed 2013
Home Town Halifax/Leeds
Country UK

Forming in the winter of 2013, Slaughter Throne! A Blackened Death Metal band from the Frostbitten North of West Yorkshire, combine a blend of doom, thrash, death and black metal style of playing with high pitch shrieking and guttural vocals, There inspiration for their sound comes from bands including Behemoth, Immortal, Emperor, Watain , Black Sabbath and Belphegor ect... They are currently working on a Demo EP entitled Wrath of an Ancient Darkness, featuring the tracks Baptizo de sanguis, Wrath of an Ancient Darkness, Altar of the Black Goat and Black Forest.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

20/03/2015 Manchester Coltsblood
08/02/2015 Leeds Craving
31/05/2014 Leeds Old Corpse Road