Band Details

HELL PuppeTs

Genre Metal
Year formed 2011
Country UK

Formed in late summer of 2011 under the influences of White Zombie, Pantera, Sex Pistols & Misfits, the Hell PuppeTs began about creating & conceiving the myth into they're very own style of Punk Rock and Metal with an added immense love for horror and obsessions of the occult & Demonism created a very dark humour and morbid vision on the band.

Through from 2011 to 2012 the band rehearsed intensely for an entire year before playing they're first local show at The Chichester Inn.
2012 also see The PuppeTs recorded a live session for a local radio station which aired 6 tracks of the bands own original material.
2013 The PuppeTs as well as performing live and writing new material took a journey to the studio to commence recording on their debut EP entitled "No Strings Attached" which was released in January 2014 


This band is not for the faint hearted nor if you the viewer is easily offended.
With extreme foul language, Satanic refrences, strong shocking opinions and images of a disturbing nature, this bands views are extremely controversial.
You have been advised
You have been warned


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