Band Details

Desolate Horizon

Genre Thrash/Speed
Year formed 2011
Home Town Preston
Country UK

Fusing Slayer, Evile and Metallica together into a blend of neck breaking, headbanging mix of thrash and heavy metal at an average rate of 200 beats per minute.

Spawned in August of 2011, Dan Atherton and Ryan Marshall were joined by Rob Hutton and Ste Byrne. 

However Rob had other priorities and was unable to practice regularly which unfortunately lead to his replacement, Ricky Mallon.
August 2012 marked the departure of Bassist and co-founding member Daniel, but not before recording the demos (Pre re-writing) Diablo Steed and The Beginning, after which, new Bassist Mark Sleator - A friend of Ricky's, took the challenge of spanking the 4 string. 

After several months together, Ricky and Mark left the positions of guitar and bass open after leaving due to musical differences. 
After auditioning several people for both positions, Liam Shaw was taken on as guitarist and Kiran Kakade as bassist.

May 2013 marked the recording of the band's official 5 track EP, which was released in November the same year.

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