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Gas Axe

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Country Wales

GAS AXE - From Pembrokeshire South Wales, are a Dark Doom/ Heavy Sludge metal band. GAS AXE take influence from main stream bands such as Triptykon, Mastodon and crowbar. Drenching their sound in a more desolate, melodic resonance of underground acts such as pallbearer and Bongripper. A grim review of the human condition timelessly mirrored has been harnessed within their sound. The subject of mortality, morality and hedonism is frequent throughout their lyrical content. With band members from renowned South Wales acts Intensive Square, HAKIN and CHOKE, GAS AXE feels like a head on collision between the solidified fears of everyone you've ever known and the lifeless, bloated carcass of whichever god you believed in...and at 80bpm. 

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31/05/2014 Cardiff Thorun