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Cult Of Occult

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2011
Home Town Lyon
Country France

Concealed from the view of the moribund mass of humanity, hidden in the darkness of the gates of Hell, waiting to spread the evil sound of the extermination of life is the most powerful and misanthropic force. Fed by hatred, loudness and alcohol, the four headed monster of Apocalypse will destroy everything on its way with its unwavering wall of sound. Like the scream of Satan himself the fury of the troopers of doom is deafening, intoxicating and damned addicting.

Feel the ethylic vapor impregnating the audience, be conquered by the slow devastating groove, chant the name of Lucifer, dance with us on heavy riffing and worship the soundtrack of the end of days.

CULT OF OCCULT plays for black masses, sacrifices, satanic rituals, dark ceremonies and unholy meetings.

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