Band Details

Divine Rebellion

Genre Rock
Year formed 2009
Home Town Rotterdam
Country Netherlands

Divine Rebellion plays a mix of modern rock with an old school sound. This hard rock trio was born in 2009, formed by three musicians from the 90's alternative rock generation: Pasquale Abbruzzese (guitars/vocal), Pawel Fijak (bass) and Robin Simon (drums). After three years drummer Robin left the band and was replaced by Ladislav Ardo and since early 2014 bassist Ronald Pieterse took over the bass-riffs from Pawel. The trio sounds heavier and groovier than ever before.?? 

Their debut album 'Sadistic Trip' was released in 2012, in the meantime Divine Rebellion has been playing many shows all around the Netherlands and Europe. Their live shows are very intense and entertaining. 

In 2011 Divine Rebellion also won the band competition 'Beach Battle'.??Divine Rebellion is drawing equally from the heavy riffing of metal and the gloomy strains of blues-rock, the band tries to develop a bleak, nihilistic sound that balances grinding hard rock with subtly textured dark-rock numbers. 

A new album is being produced at this moment and will come out in 2014.

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