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Like Moths To Flames

Genre Modern/Metalcore
Year formed 2010
Home Town Columbus, Ohio
Country USA

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

10/12/2016 Southampton Memphis May Fire
09/12/2016 Bristol Memphis May Fire
07/12/2016 Nottingham Memphis May Fire
06/12/2016 Leeds Memphis May Fire
02/12/2016 Newcastle Memphis May Fire
01/12/2016 Manchester Memphis May Fire
30/11/2016 London Memphis May Fire
29/11/2016 Norwich Memphis May Fire
28/10/2014 Southampton The Word Alive
27/10/2014 London The Word Alive
26/10/2014 Newcastle The Word Alive
25/10/2014 Brighton The Word Alive
24/10/2014 Norwich The Word Alive
23/10/2014 Glasgow The Word Alive
22/10/2014 Manchester The Word Alive
21/10/2014 Cardiff The Word Alive
20/10/2014 Nottingham The Word Alive