Band Details

Suffering UK

Genre Death
Year formed 1994
Home Town London
Country England

Formed in 1994, Suffering were a death metal band from east london. During the mid 90's suffering played numerous gigs and gained a strong following in the london death metal scene, during their time they released a few classic demo's before deciding to split up in 1999 and falling into the dark realms of obscurity although they did reform for one night only in 2009 for Grey's 40th birthday gig but then disappeared again. 

Hold on... did I write this? "A strong following"!! I never wrote that lie did I? "Classic demos"!! I think Mr Fra our #1 fan has been liberal with the truth haha

We are discussing starting gigging again in 2013, so watch this space. Oh and we sort of have a new drummer and bassist... Mike and Patch I think their names are, although I think they view it more as helping out rather than being full on band members ;) thanks xx

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06/09/2014 London Suffering UK