Band Details

Ex Libris

Genre Metal
Year formed 2004
Home Town Liempde
Country The Netherlands

Progressive powerhouse Ex Libris entered the world of heavy metal in 2004. Hailing from the Netherlands, a country known for it’s big and diverse female-fronted scene, they stand out as u unique voice within the genre. Classically trained soprano Dianne van Giersbergen soars and whispers throughout big, bombastic songs that are not only impressive in length, but also in sheer, raw power. There’s ample room for progressive licks, melodies and solo’s next to athmospheric and soothing soundscapes. But make no mistake, they put the pedal to the metal. Pounding double bass drums, furious riffs and frighteningly intense vocals all combine to make Ex Libris a singular force in the world of female-fronted music.

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