Band Details

Dementia Senex

Genre Death
Year formed 2008
Home Town Cesena
Country Italy

Dementia Senex is a project that was started, and keeps getting developed over the years; from 2008 to 2011 the band, which was at an embryonic stage, slowly started to grow.

The band got to play with bands such as ULCERATE (NZ), MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT (USA), ERYN NON DAE. (FRA), HIEROPHANT (ITA), LENTO (ITA), SVART CROWN (FRA), FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE (ITA), FUCK THE FACTS (CAN),XIBALBA (USA), NERO... DI MARTE (ITA), ORANSSI PAZUZU (FIN) and many more, achieving good visibility in the italian underground metal scene.

In 2012 Dementia Senex feels highly motivated and has already started performing live, with a new line up. A new repertory, much different and meaningful; a sick mix of death metal, post hardcore and doom is ready to be played.

On 09.04.13 "Heartworm" EP is released by ThePathLessTraveled Records (USA).

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14/02/2017 Edinburgh Dementia Senex
31/08/2016 Leeds Dementia Senex
23/05/2015 Newcastle Upon Tyne Dementia Senex