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Carpe Noctem

Genre Black
Year formed 2005
Home Town Reykjavík
Country Iceland

Carpe Noctem was formed in November 2005 but it's current formation came to be in 2009. By this time, it had earned a reputation of intense performances on stage, while rising as one of Iceland's leading acts in black metal. The music shows various influences and expresses extreme opposites. It forms a raw, chaotic and apocalyptic soundscape combined with Icelandic lyrics; Often referencing scripture, Norse mythology, occult writings, apocalyptic prophecies and Icelandic black magic rituals. Carpe Noctem has self-released a demo (Myrkraverk, 2008), an EP (Carpe Noctem, 2009) and its full length album, In Terra Profugus, was released in 2013 via Code666 Records.

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15/11/2014 London Carpe Noctem