Band Details

Trish Vilies

Genre Metal
Year formed 1991
Home Town Rijeka
Country Croatia

Story about a group Trish Vilies begins in the city of Rijeka 1991 years... The winger groups were then Ivanovic Nikola on guitars, Jotic Igor on guitars and keyboards, Jovanovic Robert on bass guitar and Žarinac Igor on drums. The group from the beginning opted for solid Hard n Heavy rock sound. The band in this part works until 1993, when Jovanovic Robert leaves the group and joins Tataj Žanil Žak, who has just gone from Wild Strawberries, and with him founded the rock group Aqua. In its place in 1993 comes a singer and bass guitarist Travaš Saša Sal. The next 1994 years going to another change, drummer Žarinac Igor goes and comes Fucak Siniša that lingers in the group for a short time. Group of the year becomes the strongest name Hard n Heavy genre in Rijeka, and expanding fan base and to other cities. Next year 1995 are stored in the studio, at Funcic Robert otherwise guitarist Rijeka power - pop group Xenia, to record the first official release. This was the era before digital studios and all the recording analogous to chrome audio cassette or tape. In the summer of 1995, after a stormy argument from the group goes Ivanovic Nikola who joins the group Tri4Sad next year, then as a substitute for Brentini Alen and they issued an album for Croatia Records. The band was then joined by guitarist Grujic Velimir Veljko and drummer and vocalist Juricevic Marin. But in late 1995, the band goes and Jotic which is then completely lost interest in music and playing. The group welcomes uncertain year in 1996, lineup without the original band members. Finally, in the summer of 1996 Travaš Saša proclaims that the band no longer exists. The second part of the story... In 2007, on the afternoon chatting in the harbor Portic - Kantrida, two former members Jotic Igor and Travaš Saša come up with the idea that the group Trish Vilies reunited. The new lineup was to be the original guitarist Ivanovic Nikola however, an agreement was not reached with him and a group headed by Jotic Igor on guitars and Travaš Saša on vocals and bass guitar in 2008 and went into the studio and recorded Ep " Cuts in time." Recording is extended to the year 2009 when Jotic Igor goes for the second time from the group, dissatisfied with the way that the Travaš emerged as the author of most lyrics and music. Travaš Saša still manages to finish recording the album with new musicians and Rijeka guitarist of heavy metal band Art Knockout, Banov Raul. Ep " Cuts in Time " saw the light of day in 2010. Raul who brought new blood into the group appears on the forthcoming Ep who called " R.U.I.N. " comes to light the year 2012, and became a big rock hit in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia... Although the events on a global scale in rock and metal music in the past about twenty years has drastically changed the group's name Trish Vilies will remain forever written in capital letters in the history of the Balkan and in particular the Rijeka Heavy Metal rock, or as he says himself verse one of their songs " ... will remain forever etched in time " ! V.G. Members: Travaš Saša - Lead Vocal, Bass Guitar, Ivanovic Nikola - Back Vocal, Lead Guitar, Jotic Igor - Keyboard, Guitar, Banov Raoul - Lead Guitar, Programming 

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