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Genre Goth/Industrial
Year formed 1988
Country England

see the official biograpyh on their site here:

NOSFERATU have grown to become one of the most commercially successful Second Wave Gothic Rock Bands Worldwide,

They have sold well over 100,000 copies worldwide of their own Singles & Albums plus hundreds of thousands of songs on compilation albums since their first commercial release.

NOSFERATU have the credibility of being one of the few elite UK Gothic Rock bands to enjoy chart success both In The UK & Germany.

They have a vast Back Catalogue of independent releases including 11 albums :

9 albums released in the U.S.A.,

7 albums released in Germany,

6 albums released in the U.K.

1 album released in Russia & Ukraine,

8 singles (4 singles released in Germany & 8 singles released in the U.K.)

Individual songs appearing on 54 different compilation albums (released worldwide),

1 DVD (released in the U.K.),

A repertoire of over 100 Songs

Have played over 300 concerts in 14 countries since 1988 includng Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Republic Of Ireland, Scotland, Spain & Wales.

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25/10/2014 Whitby Vampires BallO. Children