Band Details

Rotting Repugnancy

Genre Death
Year formed 2012
Home Town Midlands
Country England

We play fucking heavy, ultra brutal, blasting and slamming, gutteral death metal. The band is made up of experienced musicians from several succesful extreme metal acts, having all toured Europe and played open air festivals on bills with bands like Napalm Death, Devourement, Putrid Pile, Entombed, Gorgoroth,Marduk, Amputated, the Berzerker, dark fortress, nachtmystium and many others. We decided to join forces and create an unrelenting brutal death metal machine - Rotting Repugnancy!

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

28/05/2017 Nottingham Bank Holiday BrutalityScordatura
13/05/2017 Keighley Manor FestGrand Magus
28/04/2016 Nottingham Mass Infection
01/02/2015 London Obituary