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Incarnadine Coven

Genre Metal
Year formed 2012
Country UK

Incarnadine Coven are a soprano-fronted melodic/symphonic metal band that aims to intrigue and entice. Standing on the shoulders of such giants as Epica, In Flames and Tool, the classically influenced vocals lead epic and hook laden songwriting that is sure to challenge any listener's musical preconceptions.
Play Reading describe us as:"Their music is just as intriguing as their name. A blend of Prog/metal, hardcore bass lines topped up with imaginative riffs and classically trained vocals. Imagine if Schubert or Bach were resurrected as metal-heads and asked the Evanescence lead singer to sing for them... I think we're kinda getting close!"
With Reading Phoenix Choir member Rebecca Cooch on vocals, fellow Phoenix member and former Neverify frontman Dan Bignell on guitar, KORU bassist Steven Wallis, Jenna Grabey on keys and drummer Chris Oaten (who is made entirely of biscuit), the Incarnadine line up has a strong musical foundation and aims to offer an interesting alternative option in the metal scene.
Check out our sound clips to find out for yourself, or better still, come and see us live - we guarantee you a show!

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