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Genre Metal
Home Town London
Country United Kingdom

BARBORA is a Slovak progressive/fusion metal guitarist based in London, UK.

Initially gaining popularity on YouTube – with over 1 million views to-date! – she was a founding member of Essex-based heavy metal band Osmium Guillotine, with whom she released one EP and supported punk legends Sham 69 and Splodgenessabounds. Having left the band in 2010, she has since gained an international fanbase and performed on stage with the acclaimed world music group Niyaz. 

Her debut original EP “TARTARUS”, a 6-track concept project combining traditional thrash with influences from flamenco and jazz, was released on October 1st 2013 and featured guest appearances from multi-instrumentalist and singer Simon Duthilleul Vannucci (Nibirus, ~Obsession~) and singer/songwriter Kaya Labonte-Hurst. Attaining international radio play, it has been described as "decidedly extravagant... alternative prog metal", "unconventional" and "beautiful" by Italian blog/radio show Il Pozzo dei Dannati.

In summer 2014, BARBORA brought together a live band consisting of multi-instrumentalist Edwin Jack-Chapman and drummer James Wise, and has been working with them on her next project as well as playing live shows.

BARBORA's next album, Enigma, is coming out in 2015.

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